Specification Pruning Standards

“Compare bids from different companies in a fair manner,
based on work specifications.”

Specification Pruning Standards

Investing in the care of your landscape should be done with the same thought and questioning that goes into any major purchase. We believe you should have a detailed written description of the work proposed. And just as important we believe the work should adhere to accepted professional practices of the industry.

Pruning Types should be understood:

The primary pruning objective is to maintain or improve tree health or structure; but it also may be for aesthetic or functional wishes of the client. Pruning, while retaining a form natural for the species, shall consist of one or more of the following types. Specialty pruning like espalier, young trees, pollarding also may be specified. Learn More

  • Clean: the selective removal of one or more of the following parts: dead, diseased, and/or broken branches from a tree's crown.
  • Thin: the selective pruning to reduce density of live branches.
  • Raise: selective pruning to provide vertical clearance.
  • Reduce (shaping): reduces the height and/or spread of a tree with selective pruning. Consideration should be given to the ability of a species to tolerate this type of pruning.
  • Vista Pruning: selective thinning of framework limbs to allow a specific view.
  • Restoration: attempt to improve the structure or appearance of trees that have been severely headed, vandalized, or damaged.

Pruning Limits should be stated:

  • Location where applied.
  • Size of parts removed (minimum).
  • Percent of removal.
  • Clearance distance.

The standard for tree pruning is ANSI A300, developed by the Tree Care Industry Association, the secretariat, and approved by the American National Standards Institute as a voluntary industry consensus on the proper care of trees, shrubs and woody plants. While these standards apply across all geographic areas, knowledge of the growth habits of certain tree species within a given environment may alter how they are interpreted. The intent is to help you understand exactly what will be accomplished in a pruning operation before you accept a proposal. Learn More

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